Sanae Mazouz site specific installation

Sanae Mazouz, a young visual artist, analyzes the contemporary and fleeting languages of the digital. Juggling through the endless scroll of social media, she carefully selects and curates images unique, frozen through screenshotting, extrapolated and decontextualized from reels and live. The reels thus begin a catharsis, acquiring uniqueness, through which they emerge and disconnect from the infinity of the network archive, to live first in a curated selection and then in physical spaces and print publications.

Instants designed for elusive fruition become still images, take on dierent scales and make it impossible for us not to admire them, sobering our perception of the visual density moving around us. During her residency in Florìda, Mazouz decides to make his first publication,organizing and curating an excerpt of his digital archives.

With Screenshooting, he curates the selection of a series of instants and images, with the intention of recounting his digital wanderings and dwelling on images with strong aesthetics, arousing curiosity and refraining from expressing judgment.

Screenshoting been present with as a sitespeecific installation at Florìda.