Mare Nero

site specific installation & culinary performance by Luca Conte

During one month of residency at Florìda Luca, explored and realized a hybrid collection investigating the depths of instincts, intending to narrate a contemporary story distinguished by holes in the water and embodied mythologies to create a hospitable, warm, and public service followed by a stony first course, driving the visitors to an indivisible finale, in the presence of a sweet monster, guardian of a collection of fountains.

Artist Bio

Luca Conte, aka Gerolamore, is a transdisciplinary artist based in Genoa who questions ecological-spatial dynamics in social encounters. His practice oscillates between situationism, visual arts, and gastronomy. He offers a glimpse into the complex intertwining of art and life by exploring the subtle relationships between the authentic nature of food and cultural habits. He aims to experience, observe, revive and reconnect with poetic space.

He began his art studies in Carrara, concluded them in the Netherlands in The Hague, and later specialized in Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo: co-founder and active member of Palazzo Bronzo.

photos credits: Federico Ghillino