Il pascersi di Fallacio

site specific installation by Lorenzo Ramos

Fallacio is absent and appears only through his tools, sweat, and technology. The environmen lives in a suspended time, a pause from work in which it is possible to understand what has just happened. A state of silent and still turbulence, where one can reason about the tool as a witness to the interaction between humanity and the context in which it moves. What remains of the action is a predated body, now defenseless and neutralized, surrounded by a sequence of tools that are uncertain yet familiar, specific yet foreign, a trophy, some equipment, and a temporary space of action. A setting suspended between archaic and contemporary that appears as an echo of our imprint on the planet and our understanding of it.

Artist Bio

Lorenzo Ramos (1994)  graduated in 2017 in painting and visual arts from Naba in Milan, and in 2023 he received his master's degree in painting from L'accademia Ligustica di Belle arti di Genova. During his years of study he serves as an assistant internally at the academy to Lecturer and artist Giovanni De Lazzari and outside NABA he assists sculptor Antonio Fiorentino. His research focuses on the spiritual re-signification of the abandoned object,deprived of its function. Rediscovering in the rebirth from human legacies that ancient and archaic link with the land, the sea, the wind turns out to be of crucial importance for Ramos. His is an interstitial investigation concerning the meeting places between humanity and its surroundings.