site specific installation by Francesca Migliorin

Pròteo narrates an immersion between belonging and foreignness experienced by Francesca Migliorin during her study period in Genoa. Through the fragility of the glass and the silver salt print, a separation between the individual and his environment is reflected in the evanescent and suspended time that constitutes the human experience. The artist's immortalised body captures the emotional evolution through film, finding itself in the changing forms of water, rocks, seaweed, light and wind.
"Am I in the right place? Do I belong to it? Does it belong to me?" Pròteo, a shape-shifting Greek deity, foretells the future to those who can capture it. It invites the viewer to reflect on the relationship with place and the concept of belonging, exploring the blurred gaps and boundaries between the self and the indispensable surrounding world.

Artist Bio

Francesca Migliorin (Biella) moved to Genoa in September 2017 to begin her studies in Graphic Design at the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti. During the first years, she focused her attention on the photographic aspect, collaborating with various local events and groups such as the Science Festival, GenovaOpenStudios and Sustainable Citizens. She then undertook the two-year specialist course in photography at the Accademia Ligustica and during the same period had the opportunity to come into contact with independent electronic music groups, becoming a photographer for Bitcrusher and Crunch.

photos credits: Francesca Migliorin