Mappe del Sensibile

site specific installation by Elisabetta Cameli

In time, the city as a body becomes a wall as a sensitive testimony to its passing. While drifting in an as-yet-unknown place, Elisabetta Cameli has sought out fragile traces, making them visible and traversable through fabric, weaving and sewing. Maps of the Sensitive transforms the sign into a symbol of vulnerability and change, welcoming the wounds and breaks as part of it. Looking through the cracks, one becomes part of their history and engrossed in their crumbling.
Through the embroideries, the artist uses the void to trace her light passage, stretching a thread between air and earth in a search that echoes Virginia Woolf's words: "I'm rooted, but I flow".

Artist Bio

Elisabetta Cameli (Bologna) graduated in Sociology and Modern Literature, subsequently obtaining a diploma in Embroidery and Lace at the Emilia Ars in 2016. Her research investigates the human being as a vulnerable body in transformation between the two extremes of birth and death. Using the free-motion technique, she creates sculptures and bas-reliefs in which lace and strings are central. Exhibitions include Ecdisi at the Sala della Cavallerizza in Turin, XS Project at the Gina Morandini Gallery of Contemporary Textile Art, Schytia in Ivano-Frankivs'k in Ukraine, and Denudare Feminas Vestis at the former church of San Pietro in Atrio in Como.

photos credits: Francesca Migliorin