Edition Fondation site-specific installation

Editions Fondation is an independent publishing project that investigates visual culturecontemporary, creating unprecedented paths through images belonging to the collective heritage.

Giving voice to selected subjects or artists, the project highlights the environment and influences involved, dwelling on the connections and elements that characterize them. The searches arise from an initial fascination that soon turns into obsession, going to search the street or online databases for ani and complementary images. The narrative created is finally returned through a publication, where technique and print media are defined according to the project and the message conveyed. GenoaDoriaMerda is the latest publication created during June 2023 in Florìda, in which the focus rests on the aesthetics of the rivalry of the supporters of the Genoa soccer clubs. The layering and dynamism of the changing grati, verbal games and wars of sticker removal and overlapping aasify the editor who ventures into researching and cataloging a series of images taken firsthand that bring the archive to life. GenoaDoriaMerda is a 48-page independent publication that chronicles the complexities of cheering, the double face of the lucidity and aggressiveness of football passion, the speed of change of graffiti, and the layering over time of writing and stickers accumulated in some key places in the city.

GenoaDoriaMerda been present with as a sitespeecific installation at Florìda.