Frontierès fantômes

A series of 32 draws and collages presented during the event PausaPranzo

In 2024, Claudia Renna was awarded a three-month City Conference in Cultural Affairs grant for an artistic residency at the Unione Elvetica in Genoa. The Frontières fantômes project was born as an open work that evolved over the residency. At the intersection of reality and projection, the theme of water is crystallized through a series of small works (24x30 cm) made with different techniques, such as drawing, collage, and painting. 

Each image in the project draws inspiration from science, history, art, and the artist's personal experiences in Genoa. These inspirations are then reinvented with humour, cruelty, and imagination. The project is guided by the artist's anxiety about certain present issues and the need to think of future solutions. Unlikely encounters and heterogeneous juxtapositions generate unexpected transformations in the viewer's imagination. A selection of the works from Frontières fantômes is exhibited at Studio Florìda, where the artist also holds an artist talk during an event of the PausaPranzo format, providing a unique opportunity for the audience to interact with the project. 

Artist Bio

Claudia Renna (Zurich) Claudia Renna was born in Switzerland to Italian emigrants. She underwent her artistic training first in Zurich at HDK, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (University of the Arts), then at HEAD, Haute école d'art et de design (University of Art and Design), after which she moved to Lausanne, where she currently lives.

She participates in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including at MCBA (Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts Lausanne) in Switzerland and the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Egypt. She collaborates in the events organized at the Rolex Learning Center as part of the Space Center (eSpace) of EPFL (Polytechnic University of Lausanne). At the same time, she did her artistic research and created the art publishing house LaClac in 2022.